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Cleaning Card Technology

  • Card Readers

  • Bill Acceptors

  • Currency Counters

  • Check / Document Scanners

  • Thermal Printers

  • LCD, Plasma, iPhone Screens

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Waffletechnology Cleaning Card Technology
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Waffletechnology® (Patented in US, Canada and Austraila) cleaning cards dramatically outperform normal flat cleaning cards. Even experts who were once skeptical of the benefits of using cleaning cards have been converted into believers. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Most importantly, the benefits can be easily recognized by performing your own simple test. Be sure to watch the short video clip. It will provide a live demonstration of the effectiveness of this exciting technology.

Our new Cleaning Card design allows anyone to easily maintain devices without opening it or potentially damaging critical sensors. As transaction equipment has become more advanced to curb fraudulent transactions, so has media for those transactions. Keeping new read sensors clean is critical. Our improved Cleaning Card incorporates spring-loaded waffles to reach & add pressure to these critical sensors. Our cleaning card & cleaning kit products are sought after by many manufacturers to maintain normal operations of their equipment.




Cleaning cards are designed to remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminates from equipment. The cleaning card is also an extremely fast, economical and simple means of cleaning equipment. The many varieties of equipment available has created a need for the cleaning card to become specialized in order to properly clean. Waffletechnology has emerged as the preeminent product approved by such companies as Ingenico, Epson, Canon, Panini, Datamax, JCM and many others. We are the makers of this technology and are committed to helping you find the proper cleaning card for your equipment.

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